Scout Group Maria Enzersdorf Liechtenstein

History of our Group - Die Geschichte unserer Gruppe

Short Version in English

The Maria Enzersdorf - Liechtenstein Scout group was founded in 1928. The first summer camp was held in the same year. On 6th of January 1929 the first Scouts took their Scout promise. Soon the group had also Cub Scouts and a little later again Scouts from the neighbour municipality Brunn left the group and founded a Scout group there. During those times the Scouts had their own rooms in the cellar of the local Franciscan Monastery.

More than 7 Years without Scouting

In the time from 1938 to 1945 Scouting war forbidden in Austria and the rooms were confiscated by the National Socialist regime. But soon after the end of the war, in October 1945, seven Scouts formed a new group and in the Scout year 1946/47 more than 50 Scouts and six leaders could carry out regular work in Scouting. In the first year two weekend camps and a fourteen-day-long summer camp took place. Tents, tools and Scout material appeared again and the original rooms could be used too.

Scouts and the Liechtenstein Castle

The group considerably helped to repair the Liechtenstein Castle, which was damaged in the last days of the war. Scouts of Maria Enzersdorf started the initiative to prevent vandalism and further damage of the castle and spent over 5 years on taking care of the castle until the principality of Liechtenstein leased the castle to the local government.

Continuing Growth

In the meantime Scout work continued and the group grew bigger. In 1950 the first festival for the local community, with camp fires, songs and catering, was organized. In 1951 a Maria Enzersdorf Scout patrol attended the World Jamboree in Bad Ischl, Austria.

In 1961 the group had to leave their Scout hut due to renovation works. Now a migration lasting seventeen years began. During that time strong links to the Liechtenstein Castle developed, as over some years the chapel of the castle and rooms in the palace served as meeting places.

Since 1974 Guides have also belonged to the Maria Enzersdorf Scout group, which had more then 100 members then. In the same year the addition “Liechtenstein” was added to the Scout groups name to distinguish from the new founded Scout group Maria Enzersdorf Südstadt.

Building our Scout House

The Scout meetings took place outdoor during the summer, ignoring any bad weather. The meeting point was the big pine situated near the Liechtenstein Palace. This is why the need for our own Scout hut increased. Thanks to the strong support of mayor Dr. Peter Messinger and the help of local government, firms, Scouts and many other supporters, a new Scout house that met all needs could be build between 1975 and 1978 in a wonderful location for Scouting (at the edge of the wood and near the Liechtenstein Castle).

In 1978 we also started with our now traditional “Waldfest” on a meadow beneath the Liechtenstein Castle and the Advent Market, both for fundraising. Despite all those activities, regular Scouting activities flourished too. Good positions could be reached in district and regional competitions.

Going Abroad

Quite early (starting in the 70s) Scouts from Maria Enzersdorf – Liechtenstein went abroad to Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland and Luxembourg. In 1981 we started a partnership with the English Scout group of Conisbrough. In 1984 the Conisbrough Scout group became our sister Scout group and we had many camps in England, Austria and other countries together. After the fall of the iron curtain 1990 our group got in good contacts with Czech Scouts of Novi Jicin and Slovakian Scouts of Ruzomberok and Spisska Nova Ves. In the 90s Maria Enzersdorf Scouts went on summer camp to the USA, Wales, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Norway and of course a few times in Austria, often inviting our friends from abroad to Austria or visiting them.


Since 1996 we also have Beavers (4-7 years old) in our group. Then in 1997 the old age system (Guides and Scouts from 10-16 years) was changed to Guides and Scouts (10-13 years) and Caravelles and Explorer (13-16 years) as well as the Cub Scouts (7-10 years) and Rangers and Rovers (16-20 years). That is the way the age groups are named and organized in the Austrian Scout Association (“Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Österreichs”).

Since 1999 the group has its own homepage under www.melscouts.at! (MEL is the abbreviation of Maria Enzersdorf – Liechtenstein).

The last summer camps of the Caravelles and Explorers lead them to Greece (1999 & 2003), England (2000 & 2004) Scotland (2000), Portugal (2002), The Netherlands (2005), Norway (2006) and Switzerland (2008). The Rangers and Rovers have been to Croatia (2004 and 2006) and the Baltic States (2008). Both also attended international Scouts camps in Austria. 7 Scouts of Maria Enzersdorf Liechtenstein participated in the 21st World Scout Jamboree in England 2007, 2 in the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Schweden 2011, 1 in the 23rd World Scout Jamboree in Japan 2015, 3 to come in the 24th World Scout Jamboree in the USA 2019 with a lot of leaders and IST joining them.